Innovation Readiness Audit

Top-down diagnostics of your innovation capabilities

Let's analyse your resources and determine the best way to execute your innovation strategy and improve innovation management processes

Everything you need to:

Manage Innovation
Find out the best way to manage project portfolio for your company and increase innovation ROI
Generate Innovation
Learn about resources you need to make sure employees will keep bringing new innovation ideas
Identify Innovation Areas
Which innovation sector should you invest in first? Which one should be secondary?
Build Innovation Program
Get all the data you need to implement an effective incubation or acceleration program

Tell us about your innovation

What's your innovation ROI?

We'll investigate your company's culture, communication practices, product strategy and other spots to identify innovation barriers.

Where should you invest?

Our experts will conduct Strategic Foresight activities to identify innovation areas for your company.

Do you have resources?

Efficient innovation strategy requires financial, intellectual and organisational capital - we'll make sure your company has everything necessary.

Why should we analyse your innovation readiness?

Analysing resources necessary to manage innovation projects effectively is the only way to build effective innovation management processes

External auditor allows your to identify blind spots and biases that exist within the company and uncover innovation-blocking issues usually overlooked internally
We offer insights and recommendations that are informed by industry best practices and benchmarks, supported by over 30 years of professional experience.
An external audit can enhance company's credibility by demonstrating its commitment to transparency in innovation investments

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